Senin, 21 Oktober 2013

New E Reader from Amazon Price starting from 69 U S Dollars – Kindle E Reader has Illuminated Display

Amazon said yesterday not only new Kindle Fire tablets for. The traditional Kindle e-reader has been updated. The Kindle Paper white has a sharper and higher-contrast screen, which is also lit. The new Kindle Paper white still has an E-Ink screen that really comes close to plain paper, but one of the newest generations.

As the name of this e-reader suggests the contrast between the text and the background is increased to more paper to appear. The Kindle Paperwhite has a touch screen, just like the Kindle Touch. In this edition of Amazons acclaimed e-reader even all buttons thrown overboard.

But it is the backlight that steals the show in the Kindle Paperwhite. Which also has no destructive impact on the battery life of the e-reader: a Kindle Paper white keeps theoretically eight weeks between charges. Amazon shipped the Kindle Paperwhite from 1 October for $ 119. The 3G version costs $ 179. An international availability remains silent. Presumably, this new Kindle is not immediately available in our region.

The basic model of the Kindle is then discounted, and is available starting from 69 U.S. dollars.

The new e-reader confirms Amazon as an indisputable leader in this market, says analyst January Dawson of Ovum: 69 dollars for the basic Kindle is unbeatable, and the White Paper is the best in the class of enlightened e-readers. Nobody else can do these things as well, for this price. "

Brits Buy More E-Books than Paper Books
For the first time since the introduction of the e-book reader Kindle in the UK two years ago, Amazon sold more digital books than paper copies (hardback and paperback combined).

This should be reflected in the internal sales figures from Amazon, which have not been released. Amazon is said to the British newspaper The Guardian that free e-books were not included. Since the beginning of this year, the British Amazon 114 downloaded digital publications for every 100 paper copies.

"Customers in the UK opt for more Kindle books than printed books," said Jorrit Van der Meulen to The Guardian. "In the United States, we achieved this milestone four years after the introduction of the Kindle. That after barely two years doing the same in the United Kingdom is remarkable and shows how quickly the British readers Kindle in their arms closed."

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